No Name Virus from Hell!

Sunday Funday has arrived! Albeit less than fun, considering I am on day 7 of this awful virus that has me breathless, coughing, sneezing, sniffling and miserable. I gave in on Friday and got me some medicine…imagine my surprise and the pharmacist’s laughter when I went to pick up the mother-lode of prescriptions…six in total. Come Sunday and while I still feel like I might perish, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel…maybe. That’s still TBD.

Although my original intent was to post about my well-being, optimism and things that are going well, I had a gigantic wake-up call when I went to the doctor for this virus thingy that doesn’t have a name, but calls for a handful of meds both OTC and prescribed.

My wake-up call had me in tears, shock, agony…you name it, I was in it. The scale had finally hit a number it had never hit before. I have now officially hit the heaviest that I have been in my entire life. Few individuals know the exact number, and for privacy sake, I won’t mention it here, but my journey has to begin to shed 55 pounds. While I’m fighting this ridiculous virus, I am entering planning mode. There isn’t a way to begin working out right now…I can’t walk through my house without practically having an asthma attack. As soon as I can get it under control – it is game on.

The saddest part about this, is that I have known for a while that I needed to lose weight. It started with, oh I gotta lose 10 lbs, then…20. Now 30, 40…NOW 55?!?! WHAT?! Unacceptable at 34 years old and 5’2. Game over.






As a choreographer, staffing researcher, dance technique cleaning professional, writer, entrepreneur, pet lover, ketogenic lifestyle liver, wife, dance competition backstage management pro and avid reader, many things in my life somehow, someway turn into original works of art, thus, becoming 'Accidentally Original'. It really is my mantra in life, and while I tend to not proverbially fly by the seat of my pants, so many things in my life happen accidentally and they turn out to be original and always for the best. Thus - the birth of "Accidentally Original". Welcome to the stories, misadventures, wonders, reviews, 'revues' and more of me!

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