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It has been such a long time since I’ve decided to come back into writing again. I keep trying and failing and trying again, but as long as I keep trying, I might as well keep up with the effort. I’ve been working the Ketogenic Lifestyle with such great success that maybe this is the kick I need for the next step to fall into place.
Having been spending the last four months traveling almost every weekend to different cities across the country for dance competitions, I have been hearing so many different songs, and with everything happening in my daily life, the trials, the tribulations, the ups and the downs, there is one by Mary Lambert that just seems to fall in tune with my soul every single day. Long after the marley floors are rolled, the airplanes have flown back home and my butt is back in my chair at the office, I am humming the words in my head. It is unbelievable how raw, true and real she is with her spoken word.
It is a humbling song that keeps me centered when I hear it, and it keeps my mind in check, reminding me that everything will always be okay, as long as I remain in control of my heart. Many of you, I’m sure, have heard it, but below are the lyrics, from http://www.azlyrics.com and below that, the link to the YouTube video. Its been my center of balance lately and I hope I can continue to find my strength within!
Enjoy …
Lay Your Head Down
Lay your head down,
Lay your head down,
Lay your head down on me.

What is the state of your heart?
Is it concave?
Are you awake?

Sometimes when I cry,
I start to cry harder simply because I am crying,
Or I cry because I know that in the world somewhere there are little girls wearing tutus and singing Christmas songs,
Or because Sarah McLaughlin comes onto my TV and tells me about the cats and the dogs that don’t have homes.
(Fuck you Sarah McLaughlin)

I cry because on the internet there are pictures of pigs wearing rain boots,
And there are pictures of Sharpe puppies that looks like rolled up towels,
The internet is great!

Sometimes I cry when cheese is really good,
When I’ve made onions…
That’s just human..
I cry because they call me fat, even though I am fat
because most of the time a word is just a word until it is not just a word, it is a weapon,

I cry because there is death,
I cry because people die and maybe the last thing they thought of was their children,
And I cry because I don’t have children yet,

I cry when there is no end and I cry when there is an end,
And I cry because you love me so well,
Because I used to cry alone because I wanted to die,
And now I cry harder because your shoulder is so soft,
Because the sunset is so beautiful on the Connecticut river,
I cry because I am scared I am losing my mind,
Or because I’m on meds,
Or I’m crying because I forgot my meds,
Or I’m crying for the fact…

Maybe I’m not actually myself,
I’m crying because I am myself and that doesn’t feel like enough,

Lay your head down,
Lay your head down,
Lay your head down on me,

What is the state of your heart?
Is it concave?
Are you awake?

I cry because of guns,
People get shot for what?
For pride and things I cant understand,
I cry because I don’t understand the world,

But I cry because there is also good,
There is also chocolate cake,
And love and Harry Potter and the brilliant gasps of holding a hand,
There is also love letters and first kisses and second kisses and third kisses,
And hammocks.
I love hammocks.

I cry because I am so well,
Because I live so well,
And how could one person possibly live with all of this life,

Lay your head down
Lay your head down,
Lay your head down on me,

What is the state of your heart?
Is it concave?
Are you awake?

Listen to it here: Lay Your Head Down


As a choreographer, staffing researcher, dance technique cleaning professional, writer, entrepreneur, pet lover, ketogenic lifestyle liver, wife, dance competition backstage management pro and avid reader, many things in my life somehow, someway turn into original works of art, thus, becoming 'Accidentally Original'. It really is my mantra in life, and while I tend to not proverbially fly by the seat of my pants, so many things in my life happen accidentally and they turn out to be original and always for the best. Thus - the birth of "Accidentally Original". Welcome to the stories, misadventures, wonders, reviews, 'revues' and more of me!

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