Happy Mother’s Day 

Such a cliche title to a blog post. I woke up today no different than the rest. Just filled with the same anxious and exhausted thoughts that have crept their uninvited way back in to my life recently. The goal of ‘sleeping in’ made it to 6:00 am and I was not seeing sleep again. 

The humor with which we see things in perspective as we age is uncanny.  Sleeping in to me is 6 at age 34, but to my co-worker’s 19 year old daughter, 1 pm means you will be put before a firing squad! But I digress. If I weren’t typing from my phone, this would be more into a myriad of ways about changing with the times and how failure to do so can wreak havoc, cause problems and eventually demise. 

Anyone have advice for a beginner full time wanna be pro blogger on a keyboard to add to their device for functionally? Anyone willing to donate to the cause?

Live like you’re dying!





As a choreographer, staffing researcher, dance technique cleaning professional, writer, entrepreneur, pet lover, ketogenic lifestyle liver, wife, dance competition backstage management pro and avid reader, many things in my life somehow, someway turn into original works of art, thus, becoming 'Accidentally Original'. It really is my mantra in life, and while I tend to not proverbially fly by the seat of my pants, so many things in my life happen accidentally and they turn out to be original and always for the best. Thus - the birth of "Accidentally Original". Welcome to the stories, misadventures, wonders, reviews, 'revues' and more of me!

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