In My Veins

For all of you who are in my life, you have known my life to have revolved around dance. In some way, shape, form, you’ve been connected to me through dance. 

Whether you danced with me as a child, knew that I took lessons, had me as a coach, teacher, mentor, choreographer, sub, I taught your child, grandchild, taught with you, was a judge with/for/around you, designed your costume, handled the backstage at your competition… the list goes on.

It’s so funny how we, true, at heart dancers,  always associate ourselves as such. Dancers. Plain and simple. The irony is that, over the past oh, few years, I have tried to hang my shoes, but the shoes just refuse to be hung! 

And I couldn’t be happier! It is in my veins! I was born a dancer, I have lived as a dancer, I am living the dance life and providing the joy of the art to as many dancers as I can … and, I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

That’s what it must mean to find your true purpose, knowing that you are giving back to others the joy with which you have spent so many years onstage. 

I think of this frequently, especially with my most recent blessing working with Thunderstruck. Such a phenomenal group of people, and so many new faces, friends and memories. 

So proud that of all things, the beat, the rhythm, the music, the soul and heart pulses through my veins!





As a choreographer, staffing researcher, dance technique cleaning professional, writer, entrepreneur, pet lover, ketogenic lifestyle liver, wife, dance competition backstage management pro and avid reader, many things in my life somehow, someway turn into original works of art, thus, becoming 'Accidentally Original'. It really is my mantra in life, and while I tend to not proverbially fly by the seat of my pants, so many things in my life happen accidentally and they turn out to be original and always for the best. Thus - the birth of "Accidentally Original". Welcome to the stories, misadventures, wonders, reviews, 'revues' and more of me!

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