Keto, Ketosis, Ketogenic!

Rewind to January 16th, the day I decided the Ketogenic Lifestyle was my new WOE. I’ve had nothing but victorious moments and even gotten to the point where I was able to go “lazy keto”, where tracking my macros (Fat, Carbs, Protein), weren’t happening, and I was still losing. I knew that was coming to an end because as soon as I was done with Thunderstruck 2017 Regionals and my feet were on the ground, it was time to refocus and get myself back in the game!

To celebrate, I did, on Sunday, allow myself to enjoy one delectable dessert, and that was that.

Welcome back to Ketosis! The best part about this is that I love the way my mind and body work together to lose the weight on my body. I know that I can get back into it and in no time at all, the shape will begin to take form.

So, look forward (ha, lucky you), to more of this. I got a year’s premium subscription to MyFitnessPal, so there will be alot of Macros, alot of Recipes and alot of #wins #fails and #help!

The one thing I know is that there is no place like home 🙂



As a choreographer, staffing researcher, dance technique cleaning professional, writer, entrepreneur, pet lover, ketogenic lifestyle liver, wife, dance competition backstage management pro and avid reader, many things in my life somehow, someway turn into original works of art, thus, becoming 'Accidentally Original'. It really is my mantra in life, and while I tend to not proverbially fly by the seat of my pants, so many things in my life happen accidentally and they turn out to be original and always for the best. Thus - the birth of "Accidentally Original". Welcome to the stories, misadventures, wonders, reviews, 'revues' and more of me!

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